52 rue de l’Université : a very well known street in Paris, at the confluence of the 7th and 6th arrondissements, famously known for its exquisite promenade with antique shops and art galleries. This is where Stéphanie de Bruijn opened her shop of bespoke perfumes.

This small jewel, between boudoir and laboratory, offers its secret alcove to the followers, famous or unknown, of precious scents and perfumes. Stéphanie de Bruijn receives you in an intimate environment enabling you to discover a fragrance that will become yours, the one that you have always looked for or the one that you have desperately looked to find again!

Amongst the test tubes and the collection of perfume bottles, you will metamorphose with delight into a sorcerer's apprentice for a magical moment full of pure emotions.

As entering into the Boudoir, you will spend a moment during which you will have your senses amplified. During this moment out of time, Stéphanie de Bruijn will create with you a bespoke perfume for you or for a person that is dear to you...

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