By appointment, Stéphanie de Bruijn will discuss your tastes, desires, dreams, and your life.

With her you will privately compose the invisible frame of your soul's essence so that she can create a unique perfume of your image, a real signature for your senses. Your fragrance will have a secret formula which will only belong to you so that you can request your refills at your convenience.

At the end of the process, your perfume will be delivered to you in an antique perfume bottle with a 100ml refill with spray for your travels.

Stéphanie de Bruijn receives you for a first appointment and then works for a month different versions specially designed for you.
During the first meeting, you will smell and discover our already-made collection of seventeen perfumes and you will decide which one suits you best. The perfumer will use it as a base to create your own personalized perfume.

You meet her again at a second appointment, where she will propose you two possibilities of perfume and you will choose with her the one with the right notes that touched your heart and your senses.
During your two appointments with the creator, you will be able to compose your personalized perfume with exquisites raw materials and enter the world of the alchemist ... a perfume especially made just for you ... A unique experience.

Price: 1000 euros


For Stéphanie de Bruijn, perfume is an emotion that creates a memory. It must make you feel confident. In addition of bespoke perfumes, Stéphanie de Bruijn decided to offer even more experiences by creating “ready-to-wear” perfumes.



This red box initiates you to discover the art of the perfumer...

You can play the " laboratory assistants " while filling your black spray for the bag with a precious juice. The glass bottle with its red ribbon is a weapon of seduction, containing an irresistible fragrance both for women and men.

The bottle is nestled in an elegant black and red box and contains an essence de parfum.

Apply the perfume in the hollow of the wrist where the blood flows and pulses. There, the perfume is warmed by the skin and its effect is enhanced!


Stéphanie de Bruijn takes you on a journey on the wings of her precious essences...

At the heart of these red boxes are nestled three sprays of 7,5 ml each, containing perfumes that will make you fly on their wakes. Scented stories to discover and savour.
Be seduced and fall in love with their divine alchemy.

Each scented travel will take you to a magic destination where Stéphanie de Bruijn has been inspired by: Arabian nights, sunny promenades along the Seine banks, precious flowers from Moroccan gardens...


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