Sweet and sensual notes, a secretly desired indulgence : oriental, Vanilla flavoured and mesmerizing ...This oriental plays his irresistibly regressive flavour of candyfloss in the land of childhood loves. He dreams of Christmas with dried fruit, tangerine his Italian dry amber background, white sandalwood and musk and talks with his Spring Muguet luck ... Oriental VanillaItalian Mandarin Oil, Rose, Dry Fruit, Lily of the Valley, Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Dry Amber & Musk

Délice - Essence de Parfum 100ml

  • The very elegant bottle with its red ribbon is a real weapon of seduction, containing an enchanting fragrance for men and women.
    The bottle is nestled in a charming black and red box and contains the essence of bewitching perfume.


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